Surveillance System Automatically Detects and Records Safety Incidents for Remote or Local Viewing

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) has enhanced its xWatch camera and surveillance system. Options include viewing hazards over an Internet connection and recording activities before, during and after hazardous events. Det-Tronics manufactures flame detectors, gas detectors and safety systems and is part of UTC Fire and Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The new options enable users to:

  • Immediately view industrial hazards remotely via a configurable IP address
  • Accurately detect hazards by integrating the explosion-proof camera with a flame detector
  • Record and review incidents for event analysis
  • Integrate surveillance seamlessly into a safety system

Three of the options available as part of the surveillance plan include:

  • A stand-alone, industrial-grade xWatch camera
  • A camera partnered with a flame detector that provides fire detection
  • A surveillance solution integrated into a fire and/or gas safety system

With Class I, Div. 1 and NEMA 4X approvals from third-party approval agencies such as FM, CSA, CE and ATEX, the xWatch camera, combined with a Det-Tronics flame detector, is suited for remote and hard-to-access areas. The camera and detector view the same expanse. Continuous, real-time video provides the operator with surveillance capabilities during normal operation. If a fire is detected, the operator can quickly view a control-room monitor to assess the risk and initiate the appropriate response. The DVR option allows users to evaluate the conditions leading up to and following the event.

Product Type:
Physical security
Detector Electronics Corp.