Boiler Technology Detects System Variability and Delivers the Appropriate Response

Nalco Company has introduced 3D Trasar Boiler Technology, the next generation in boiler system control and treatment. 3D Trasar Boiler Technology detects system variability, then determines and delivers the appropriate automated response before problems occur. It delivers measurable results that are not attainable with other offerings, allowing Nalco sales engineers to establish boiler-specific best practices for customers.

Boiler systems and the steam they create are the lifeblood of many production processes, so ensuring reliable steam production is a necessity for maintaining production. Operating boiler systems more efficiently also saves water and energy (plus their associated costs) while preserving and extending the life of costly equipment.

Variations in the water used and in the steam load requirements for a boiler system make the overfeeding or underfeeding of water treatment chemistry commonplace under manual competitive alternatives. Sampling of system conditions had never been real-time because of the high temperatures involved (samples must cool before testing) and pressure and other conditions can't be replicated outside the boiler system itself.

Nalco's 3D Trasar Boiler Technology combines sensors, chemistry, software and control equipment to provide the opportunity to understand exact conditions in the boiler and steam system when they are occurring and adjust treatment to prevent problems and optimize operations.