Filtration System Saves Equipment Costs, Floor Space and Labor Costs

Pentair Industrial introduces the Aqualine Liquid Filtration System, a cost-saving solution for high-flow-rate applications. Aqualine features a rugged, eight-inch diameter fiberglass housing that provides durability while costing up to 50% less than stainless steel alternatives. The housing is available in a 60-inch length with pleated cartridge construction and an outside-in flow pattern that provides maximum flow rates with the lowest possible pressure drop. Aqualine saves valuable plant floor space with a vertical rack design that allows housings to be stacked, which also increases total flow.

With Pentair’s proprietary quick-change design, Aqualine cartridges are accessed and replaced within a matter of minutes — with no nuts or bolts involved in the disassembly. An operator can change the cartridge in a 150 GPM Aqualine System in approximately one-fifth the time of a conventional swing bolt system. With optional isolation valving, a single Aqualine element can be replaced while the whole system remains in operation, eliminating costly downtime. Plus, Aqualine cartridges require less frequent filter change-outs.

Aqualine Liquid Filtration System cartridges, available in a 6.75-inch diameter, are manufactured with absolute-rated polypropylene media — defined as Bx greater than 5,000 — and contain a PVC core and a proprietary o-ring seal. The cartridges achieve 99.98% (Beta 5000) efficiencies at their stated micron size and are rated ASME Section X Class 1.

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