Web Client Provides Real-Time Data For Everyone

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, announces the availability of Proficy HMI/SCADA — iFIX WebSpace, a full-featured web client for the company’s iFIX visualization solution that enables informed decisions from anywhere, at anytime. iFIX WebSpace enables full control and visualization capabilities over a company’s intranet or Internet system without the need to change or alter the iFIX application. iFIX screens and functionality are delivered seamlessly into a web browser, requiring no additional development effort, and can be set up within minutes. iFIX WebSpace complies with the company’s open and layered configuration and works with a user’s existing infrastructure.

iFIX WebSpace caters to the need for easy-to-use, remote operational clients that are fast gaining importance in a market that is focused on delivering higher productivity through informed personnel. It provides companies with the option to extend their operational information to key stakeholders, who need it to plan, analyze, solve and ensure the least number of interruptions in their daily task executions to raise the overall efficiency of the organization.

iFIX WebSpace enhances the users’ system experience by enabling them to run multiple iFIX WebSpace clients — viewing many systems from one point. They can also launch multiple sessions from one iFIX system to view different aspects of a single application from one point.

This application has several flexible configuration topologies and features the ability to be installed on an independent dedicated server or on the main iFIX server. A dedicated server setup is typically used when a large number of clients are expected, allowing for iFIX WebSpace to utilize all of the server’s power to serve the connected clients. Additionally, multiple WebSpace servers can be installed to scale the total application to a larger distributed architecture and serve the customer’s stakeholders on a global scale. iFIX WebSpace screens are ported instantly from the iFIX application requiring no interaction, conversion, alteration or additional development, and this includes screens from prior versions of iFIX/FIX32 as well. The iFIX WebSpace also provides:

  • Real Time Data Updates — Client is updated directly, so users can react in real-time.
  • Multiple Sessions — Multi-tab browsers are supported. 
  • Secure Containment — Third-party controls are accommodated similarly to iFIX Workspace. 
  • e-Signature — e-Signature provides enhanced security and audit trails through the web. 
  • Animations — Support for iFIX displays with animations and scripting is included. 
  • Control Elements — All control elements are operable and security setup is inherited from iFIX. 
  • Alarms and Warnings — View, act and acknowledge just like a thick client. 
  • Third-Party Applications — Launches third-party applications that are triggered from within iFIX.
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