Control Module for Use in Conventionally Wired Applications

Emerson Process Management announces a FieldQ control module for use in conventionally wired applications. The module expands the application scope and scalability of the FieldQ range of fully integrated pneumatic actuators and controls for on/off and modulating control valves. FieldQ now covers multiple applications from simple switching to high-end busses with diagnostic capability.

The module for conventionally wired installations enables on/off control and provides all the FieldQ benefits of a rack and pinion pneumatic actuator with controls in a compact, modular package. The FieldQ integrated solution is suitable for both new and retrofit installations, and the “plug and play” control modules provide an easy upgrade path to a Smart module, which features integrated local On/Off controls and Status/Position LED’s or bus control, providing feedback and advanced diagnostics.

The modular design of FieldQ removes the need to specify, order and assemble individual components from multiple suppliers, eliminating compatibility issues, cutting administration costs, reducing inventory and saving time and money. With its side-mounted controls and a star drive direct valve mounting capability, FieldQ’s compact footprint and minimized overall height enables easy installation into new or existing pipe work to provide a cost-effective solution.

Equipment failures are minimized by enclosing vulnerable control components in the FieldQ housing, which is rated to IP65/NEMA4X. Solenoids, switch boxes and coils are safely protected from corrosion, the number one cause of failure for most rack and pinion actuators. These elements are integrated with a breather and speed controller, eliminating the need for separate installation of the components.

The modular design means that the control module functionality can be changed while maintaining the same actuator, pneumatic module, wiring, piping and mountings. The Intelligent Position Tracking (IPT) technology, which is built into FieldQ, delivers cost-effective, reliable intelligence in final control applications using on/off valves, improving both process operations and device health management.

FieldQ is available in torque outputs ranging from 40Nm to 1600Nm and in spring return or double acting configurations. FieldQ actuators are suitable for use in SIL 3 applications where a periodic partial stroke test is performed. Where testing is not required, FieldQ actuators are suitable in SIL 2 applications. The conventionally wired modules are all designed to have IECEx, ATEX, FM and CSA approval.

FieldQ is a core component of PlantWeb digital architecture, and the predictive diagnostics provided by some of the bus control modules provide accurate and timely information to help predict when the final control element and/or its components requires maintenance or even replacement.

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Emerson Process Management