Interface Tool Simplifies Modbus Programming and Commissioning of Coriolis Meters

Emerson Process Management now offers a complimentary support utility for all Micro Motion customers who use Modbus protocol to interact with their Coriolis meters. The Modbus Interface Tool is a PC-based data delivery system that replaces more than fifty pages of Modbus register data in tabular form with a simple point-and-click spreadsheet presentation.

The Modbus Interface Tool allows users to select, sort and group register data by Coriolis device, Modbus address, datatype or keyword using familiar spreadsheet functions. The tool simplifies device commissioning as communications programmers can now dynamically select and organize the information they need, rather than having to scan multiple pages of detailed data in small print.

Control systems based on digital protocols, such as Modbus, are typically more accurate and provide faster responses than analog control systems. As a result, digital control systems are increasing in popularity and are generally preferred by OEMs and systems integrators. The Modbus digital interface provides a complete window into the Coriolis device, including configuration, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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