Loop Powered Level Switch Ignores Product Build-Up

Babbitt International introduces a loop powered level switch.  The explosion-proof level switch measures liquids, dry bulk solids or an interface such as oil/water.  Additionally, the switch has wide-tuning range and the ability to ignore product build-up on the probe.

Powered by 16 to 32 VDC, the output is 8mA when the probe is in air and 16mA when product is touching the probe.  An internal jumper for reverse acting output is standard.  On-board “power” and “calibration” LEDs mean the only tool needed to set this unit is a small screwdriver, according to the company.

The two-wire design makes installation quick and easy for plants having spare cable pairs.  Interfacing with a PLC makes this unit an attractive choice for OEM equipment.

The probe is 316 Stainless Steel and available in exotic materials of construction.  Pictured is an optional “blind-end” probe where the Teflon insulating material completely covers the stainless steel probe.

Typical applications include sump control, polymer tank alarms, sludge overflow, and double-wall tank leak detection, when used with a flexible cable type probe.

Pressure: vacuum to 1000PSI @ 70 degrees F.  Maximum process temperature: 400 degrees F. Two-tear warranty.

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Babbitt International