Digital Pulse Cleaning Control Panels Monitor Differential Pressure

United Air Specialists (UAS) announces the introduction of two Digital Pulse Cleaning Control Panels to monitor differential pressure on its line of cartridge dust collectors. The Digital Pressure Control (DPC) gauge is designed for on-demand cleaning and is recommended for maximum performance when using advanced nanofiber cartridge filters. The Digital Pressure Monitor (DPM) gauge is recommended in situations where only continuous pulse cleaning is required.

Similar in appearance, both the DPC and DPM gauges feature:

  • One compact enclosure for a cleaner installation
  • Digital LED pressure readouts from 0" to 8" WC
  • Four functional programming buttons versus small dials
  • Opti-link infrared communication technology for easy programming changes in the field
  • Multi-colored LED arc readout that mimics a moving needle
  • Recalibration operation
  • Ability to show positive, negative and differential measurement
  • NEMA 4-rated pulse control panel
  • ETL, CE approval
  • U.L. recognized pulse timerboard
  • 4-20 mA output signals (optional)
  • 100-130 VAC, 50/60 Hz

The on-demand DPC gauge also features:

  • Multiple set points and alarm settings
  • Automatic or manual reset on alarm conditions
  • Integration with company control panels via dry contacts
  • Ability to display percentages
  • Mode selection for differential pressure, velocity or flow display
  • Contrast option (bright/dim) for LCD

Both DPC and DPM controls can be used as a stand-alone accessory or mounted within a UAS starter panel. They can also be retrofitted to existing UAS equipment.