International Hotline for Chemical Incidents

3E Company has announced the availability of its Global Chemical Incident Response Hotline service. Chemical manufacturers and distributors can now use a single point-of-contact to provide their customers and supply chain partners with a reliable, 24-7-365 hotline for chemical incidents associated with their products that may happen during use, transportation or storage. This service simplifies the chemical incident response process, reduces risk, promotes compliance, assists manufacturers and distributors in supporting their corporate chemical stewardship mandates and provides a single global source for immediate access to valuable EH&S information and resources.

3E Company provides users with a dedicated 24-7-365 call center infrastructure and emergency telephone numbers that can be used worldwide on global Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), dangerous goods transportation documents and other hazard communication documents such as product labels and Transport Emergency Cards (Tremcards). Now a global chemical manufacturer or distributor can use a single provider in multiple use-case scenarios for initial response to chemical incidents related to their manufactured products. Global manufacturers and distributors can display 3E Company's telephone number on their MSDSs, enabling 24-7-365 incident response to spills, ingestions or exposures related to their products. Companies that ship products globally can also display the number on shipping documents as the emergency contact number when preparing their shipping papers.

In the event of an incident related to a client's product, all calls are managed and responded to by an experienced response specialist through 3E Company's EH&S Mission Control Center infrastructure, which supports more than 150 languages worldwide. 3E Company hazardous materials specialists are on site 24-7-365 to provide callers with required emergency and incident response information, in accordance with customer provided protocols, including product safety and MSDS information, access to chemical poison and exposure specialists, environmental health and safety guidance and immediate notification to the client's corporate contacts. Customized client notification services are also available for companies that require detailed, multi-step and complex notifications per incident to comply with their own internal policies and procedures.

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