Solution Helps Manufacturers Comply with International Regulations

CDC Software announces the availability of Ross ERP version 6.3.2, the latest version of its enterprise resource planning application solution that helps chemical manufacturers comply to recent international regulations. The new version of Ross ERP automates, processes and provides documentation that helps chemical companies comply with their obligations under the specific guidelines set forth in the European Union (EU) legislation called Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH). Ross ERP version 6.3.2 not only helps EU companies maintain compliance with REACH, but also helps U.S. and other non-EU companies comply with REACH reporting.

More specifically, Ross ERP version 6.3.2 addresses the EU REACH directive that forbids the sale of unapproved products within the European Economic Area (EEA) (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Furthermore, REACH requires registration and selective evaluation of more than 30,000 chemical substances and it applies to chemical substances manufactured in, or imported into, the EU for ownership or conversion into finished products.

REACH is designed to help ensure that all parts of the supply chain — from manufacturers to downstream users such as distributors — have the information they need to use certain chemicals safely. This requires several steps, including the communication of information related to the health, safety and environmental properties of these chemicals, as well as required risk and risk management measures up and down the supply chain.

The latest version of the Ross Enterprise suite further extends CDC Software’s portfolio of compliance solutions for the process manufacturing industry. CDC Software also supports IT compliance through its CDC Global Services business unit; product compliance through its Ross Enterprise solutions that support FDA, HACCP, Track and Trace, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), 21CFR Part 11 and others specific to the Food and Beverage, Life Sciences and Chemical industries; Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) through partnerships; and Financial compliance through Ross Enterprise’s financial applications that support Sarbanes-Oxley reporting.

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