Mass Flow Controller with ANSI or DIN Flanges

Sierra Instruments' Max-Trak Model 180 Industrial Mass Flow Meters and Controllers are now available with 316 stainless steel (ANSI or DIN) flange mounting for gas flow rates up to 1000 SLPM (pipe sizes up to one inch/ 25 millimeters). 

The Max-Trak Model 180 + Flanges’ enhanced design expand the processes and applications where the Max-Trak can be installed. Sierra’s Dial-A-Gas technology makes Max-Trak the only industrial mass flow controller with multi-gas capabilities. With accuracy of ±1% of FS and repeatability of ±0.2% of FS, the Max-Trak Model 180 + Flanges features an inherently-linear design, platinum sensor technology and a strong, flexible valve. Max-Trak can communicate to a user workstation via RS-232, RS-485 or one of four analog signals. The NEMA 6/IP67 rated mass flow controller is well-suited to handle heavy industrial applications.

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Sierra Instruments