Thermal Mass Flow Meter Features Self-Cleaning Purge Port

Sierra Instrument’s Steel-Mass Model 640S Immersible Thermal Mass Flow Meter is now available with a new self-cleaning purge port field that is said to remove even the toughest caked-on dust deposits on the meter.

The new self-cleaning Steel-Mass Model 640S is designed for industrial gas mass flow measurement applications. Constructed of heavy-duty 316 stainless steel wetted materials, the self-cleaning Model 640S is designed for very dirty flows where residue buildup can occur over time on the sensors causing reduced accuracy.

Featuring direct gas mass flow measurement, each self-cleaning Model 640S utilizes Sierra’s patented Dry-Sense Technology for drift-free performance. The meter also features Sierra’s Smart Interface Package for field programming and meter validation and diagnostics. 

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Sierra Instruments