Filtering Centrifuge Is Designed for Solids/Liquid Separation

The Western States Machine Company's Laboratory Filtering Centrifuge is designed for solids/liquid separation; is engineered for the washing and extraction of food ingredients, polysaccharides, crystals, botanical extracts and pharmaceuticals; and is rugged enough to handle dense products including powdered metals. Separate feed and wash lines allow approximation of production scale centrifugation process.

Basket Capacity and Design:

  • Machined from a solid block of 316 stainless steel
  • Six inches in diameter x 3.6 inches high x one inch cap 
  • Solids holding capacity: 41 in3 (677 cm3, 0.68 liters) 
  • Filtration surface area: 34 in2 (219 cm2) 
  • Filtration medium: can be used with polypropylene or nylon filter cloth or paper filters 
  • Separation force: 1,360 gravities 
  • Speed: 0-4,000 rpm 
  • Basket removal: keyed shaft with rare earth magnet requires no tools for basket removal (patent pending)


  • 316L stainless steel with welds ground flush with 180 grit (30 RA) polish inside and out
  • 6° sloped bottom and one-inch, tri-clamp ferrule allow for complete liquid drainage 
  • Vapor-tight (no pressure) vessel with easily removable O-ring seal and four clamps 
  • Spring-assist, easy-lift hinged cover with safety interlock prevents opening of cover while basket is rotating 
  • One slurry feed and one wash pipe — 1/2-inch ball valves and tri-clamp fittings 
  • Sight glass located over the center of the basket 
  • Sanitary halogen light


  • NEMA-4X electrical enclosure and base frame
  • Variable frequency drive — 0-4,000 rpm 
  • Motor 1/2 hp TENV 
  • Heavy-duty bearings isolate motor from basket load 
  • Start/stop push buttons 
  • Digital speed control and actual RPM display 
  • Digital timer for run time 
  • Power disconnect 
  • 110 volt, one-phase power supply (12 amps max) 
  • Approximate weight: 220 pounds
Separations technology
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Western States Machine