Gram Scale Developed for High Accuracy Applications

WeighPack Systems Inc. has developed the Verita gram scale that weighs in 1/10 of a gram increments. Designed specifically for small weighments, weight-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and garden seeds can now be weighed within 1/3 of a gram.

Using control logic, load cells and a mechanical design, the Verita gram scale achieves accuracy by mounting the weigh bucket and load cells on a stand separate from the hopper and pans. By separating the load cells, vibrations from the hopper and pans do not interfere with the weigh bucket, thus allowing for the most accurate weighments. The weigh bucket is a stand-alone mechanism that is completely isolated from the machine.

Easily interfaced with auxiliary packaging equipment, standard features of the Verita include a detached bucket door opening device, an easy-to-read articulating control panel with adjustable bulk and dribble settings and “no-weight” calibration.

Available in single- or twin-lane configurations for increased speed, the Verita gram scale offers a complete stainless steel construction and is designed with tool-less disassembly for quick washdowns.

Powders and solids
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