Advanced Control and Monitoring System Can Eliminate Compressed Air Waste

Ingersoll Rand recently released an advanced system controller and monitoring options for compressed air systems that include up to 12 compressors as well as various system components and instrumentation.

Ingersoll Rand X-Series System Automation can eliminate the inherent wastes and inefficiencies of operating multiple compressor systems by managing up to 12 positive displacement compressors simultaneously, according to the company. This includes compressors of different capacities, different types (fixed speed, variable speed and variable capacity), and in any combination or configuration.

Optimized efficiency is achieved by:
• Operating compressors only as needed, bringing standby compressors on-line incrementally during periods of peak demand;
• Managing system pressure at the minimum required without compromising air supply reliability;
• Dynamically matching the most energy efficient compressor or combination of compressors with compressed air demand;
• Operating one or more variable speed compressors to minimize wasted energy due to partially loaded or unloaded compressors.

Advanced automation features:
• Energy Control Mode – adaptive control logic to auto select sequence and schedule;
• Anti-Cycling – rate of pressure change algorithms to add capacity at the right time;
• Multiple Pressure Profiles – optimize pressure requirements;
• Pressure Balancing  - optimize pressure control in large systems;
• Zone control – optimize compressor utilization with multiple compressor rooms;
• Configurable Inputs/Outputs – component/instrumentation monitoring and control;
• X-Series System Visualization – system and equipment monitoring.

Product Type:
Ingersoll Rand