Expanded Coriolis Meter Features Loop-Powered Transmitter

Five months following the introduction of the first two-wire Micro Motion Coriolis meters, Emerson Process Management announces an expansion of Coriolis line sizes now available with this new technology. Designed specifically for loop-powered applications, the Micro Motion 2200S transmitter is now available on ELITE Coriolis meters for line sizes ranging from 1/8 inch (three millimeters) to six inches (150 millimeters).

Emerson’s Micro Motion two-wire Coriolis meters deliver +0.10% liquid flow, +0.0005 g/cm3 liquid density accuracy and +0.35% gas flow accuracy in process control applications. With no moving parts, these meters require no maintenance and are available in a variety of materials of construction. With the new line extension, two-wire Micro Motion meters can handle flow rates from 0.0075 lb/min (2kg/h) up to 20,000 lb/min (545,500 kg/h).

The intrinsically safe Model 2200S transmitter is suitable for a range of process conditions and has C1D1/C1D2 and Zone1/Zone 2 hazardous area approvals. Equipped with MVD digital processing technology, the Micro Motion 2200S transmitter delivers multivariable and diagnostic information via HART communications for reduced costs through improved process consistency and maximized uptime.

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Emerson Process Management