Syringe Pump Produces Picoliter Per Minute Flow Rates

The Cole-Parmer Picoliter Syringe Pump is capable of producing picoliter per minute flow rates. Its stepper motor allows for smooth flow with up to ±0.5% accuracy and 0.1% reproducibility. With flow rates as low as 1.3 pL/min, users are ensured high accuracy and reproducibility. This pump offers the flexibility of syringes ranging in size from 0.5 microliter to 10 milliliter. The same pump can be connected to electrical systems that are either 110 VAC 60 Hz or 230 VAC 50 Hz — providing another level of adaptability. 

With its user-friendly keypad, users can infuse or withdraw fluid at milliliter, microliter, nanoliter or picoliter volumes. Control the pump either manually, through a PC via the RS-232 connection, or with the included foot switch. The compactness of the pump, 229 x 130 x 114 mm, allows for easy placement when setting up an infusion or withdrawal experiment.

Applications include cellular injection, microflow for FIA or capillary LC and microreaction delivery. Injection rates can be set from 0.0550 pL/sec to 0.0073 mL/sec. This pump can be integrated into a microfluidic/lab-on-chip experiment.

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