Inline Seals Are Good For Sterile Process Engineering

WIKA Instrument Corp., a supplier of industrial pressure gauge, sensor and temperature instrumentation, introduces the Inline Seal for sanitary applications. The WIKA Inline Seal permits pressure measuring instruments to be installed into the process without the use of a standard instrument “T”. The unique diaphragm seal design (WIKA model L981.22) ensures no process dead space, corners, turbulence or obstructions to the process flow, thus providing a sterile and accurate pressure measurement.

The Inline Seal is available for use with various pressure-measuring instruments — mechanical gauges, transmitters and switches. This diaphragm seal (WIKA model L983.22) can be combined with an integral temperature measuring sensor (RTD or thermocouple), which allows measuring pressure and temperature with one non-intrusive tapping of the process. This unique sanitary solution is said to meet or exceed stringent sanitary industry standards.

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