Data Management Solution Helps Users Manage Inbound MSDS

3E Company has introduced Ariel Data Manager (ADM)-VMSDS, a data management solution that helps SAP EH&S users manage their vendors' global inbound Material Safety Data Sheets (VMSDSs) within the SAP EH&S platform. The solution was designed for use with SAP EH&S and reduces the amount of time required to manage inbound vendor raw material MSDS documents and data in SAP EH&S. 3E Company provides full end-to-end MSDS obtainment, loading and management. Additionally, when combined with the 3E Online-MSDS management system for hazard communications, the solution set provides employees with online access to the same MSDSs as those in the SAP EH&S System.

ADM-VMSDS combines MSDS content, including both data and documents, with a loading tool for importing data into SAP EH&S. The start-up process is straightforward: customers provide 3E Company with a list of vendor products, 3E Company then cross references the provided data with its MSDS library and feeds the data to SAP EH&S. 3E Company's experienced team of researchers continually monitor and manage MSDS revisions to ensure that the most recent version is available for loading into SAP EH&S.

The research process is bolstered by ADM-VMDS' integration with 3E Company's 3E Online MSDS management solution. ADM-VMSDS users are able to leverage 3E Online's MSDS obtainment capabilities, in which 3E Company's team of expert researchers obtains MSDSs for customers. This team is constantly collecting and processing new and revised MSDS documents, extracting relevant data for customers and incorporating new information into 3E Company's extensive hazardous materials information database. 3E Company's database contains millions of MSDSs, both documents and data, as well as related chemical and regulatory information. 3E Company is also able to extract key physical-chemical data — such as boiling point, physical state, density, flash point, etc. — for loading into SAP EH&S for use in rules, reports and compliance activities, such as substance management and regulatory reporting.

ADM-VMSDS for SAP EH&S extends the reach of 3E Company's Ariel Data Manager (ADM), building upon the Ariel ADM-EHSAP solution for regulatory data management and providing expanded functionality and data support for MSDS content.

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