New Material Safety Data Sheet Authoring System Available

3E Company introduces MSDgen 6.01, the latest version of its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) authoring system. MSDgen 6.01 includes several new features to further simplify the development of MSDSs and label documents within the system, thereby increasing user efficiency and productivity. MSDgen 6.01 also boasts multiple enhancements to help customers comply with global regulatory obligations, such as Europe's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulatory framework for chemical substances as well as the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for classification and labeling of chemicals.

MSDgen 6.01 offers an enhanced, multi-lingual Graphical User Interface (GUI) feature which improves the user interface. Additionally, translations have been added to the GUI repository to better support the French, German and Japanese languages. MSDgen 6.01 also features support for Unicode data (such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters) throughout the database.

Other new features include settings to assist in the management of data in the Toxicological Information and Ecological Information sections. These options give users more control by enabling them to review and approve Ariel data before it is used in calculations or printed on documents. Also new is the ATN (Alternate Trade Name) archiving capability, which allows users to create a distinct archive version of ATN (commercial name) level documents. Previously, MSDgen only maintained the most recent copy of ATN documents, and archives were only available at the base material level. With this change, archives are now available at the ATN level in addition to being maintained at the base level.

REACH enhancements:

  • A module entitled "Third Party Representative" has been added to the REACH module group. It includes name and address information as well as the UUID, which is included in the IUCLID5 export file. The Third Party Representative can be associated within the REACH data window via the first dropdown box in the Legal Entity Assignment data box.
  • A Search Object entitled "REACH Compliance Analysis w/o Tonnage" has been developed to potentially identify substances requiring registration. Tonnage band is not utilized as criteria for a substance to be included in the results.
  • Another Search Object exists ("REACH Compliance Analysis") that factors in the manually entered tonnage band. Both Search Objects were modified to include polymers that are on the NLP inventory list. (Polymers absent from the list are exempt from registration.)
  • A Search Object entitled "REACH Pre-Registration Information" has been created. It shows information that is included in the IUCLID5 Pre-registration export.

GHS enhancements:

  • A GHS Classification Hierarchy setting has been added that allows you to control the manner in which the GHS classifications take place in your system. The algorithm starts at the top of the hierarchy and attempts to make a GHS classification using the highest method in the hierarchy, if a classification can be made MSDgen assigns this classification to the material. If a classification cannot be made, MSDgen continues to attempt a classification based on the next method in the hierarchy and so on. This same process is done for each classification under GHS until a classification can be made or all levels of the hierarchy have been traversed. 3E Company provides MSDgen with a default hierarchy already setup and ready to use. Users may create their own hierarchies or modify the default provided by 3E Company.

The MSDgen authoring system can be used to develop a variety of hazard communication documents that meet international regulatory compliance and business requirements. It provides full support of hazard communication, classification and labeling directives to generate globally-compliant MSDSs and label documents as well as business/user definable documents, such as technical data sheets, product data sheets, hazard summaries and product stewardship summaries.

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