Emerson's FloBoss Customers Can Create Custom Programs

Emerson Process Management's DS800 Development Suite is now available for its FloBoss Flow Manager family of natural gas and liquid flow computers. FloBoss customers have the power to create custom programs in any of five IEC 61131-3 graphical programming languages. The FloBoss 107 is the first FloBoss family unit to offer the benefits of this versatile programming tool.

The DS800 Development Suite lets users create custom continuous and discrete control strategies using any of six programming languages. Five are IEC 61131-3 graphical programming languages and include: sequential function chart, function block diagram, ladder diagram, structured text and instruction list. In addition, a graphical flow chart programming language is included.

The DS800 Development Suite provides a standard programming interface that allows individuals with different backgrounds and skills to create unique elements of a program using any of the five programming languages. When completed, all elements will work together seamlessly. For example, if an individual’s background includes programming PLCs, DS800 lets them continue to create programs in ladder logic. And, if their background is process control, they can continue to create programs using Function Block diagrams.

A simulator is built into the DS800 Development Suite software to allow test and debug of the program before it is downloaded to the flow computer.

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