Software Suite Features Improved Usability and Integration in a Complete, Integrated PAT Software Solution

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, unveils the Proficy RX 2.0, a component of the company’s Proficy software suite for production management. Proficy RX 2.0 is a key application for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) deployments that can help companies gain a better understanding of their processes and the variability that affects them.

Supporting the FDA’s PAT initiative, which was designed to enable drug manufacturers to adapt to changing trends and embrace new technologies and methodologies, Proficy RX is a comprehensive, integrated solution that can be applied in many applications, including crystallization, reaction monitoring, drying and blending — delivering rapid time to solution for manufacturing operational improvement.

New features of Proficy RX 2.0 include:

  • Visual Script Wizard — Provides an easy, user-friendly way to develop, test and implement Proficy RX without in-depth programming knowledge, therefore reducing ownership costs.
  • Proficy RX OPC Server DA 3.0 — Enables Proficy RX runtime data to interact with third-party applications as a client or server, providing a real-time feedback loop into the control system to drive tighter quality and reduce processing time. 
  • SQL Server Express Database — Provides an integrated database on a standard technology that reduces customers’ support burden over the life of the application. 
  • Advanced Process Analytics — Allows customers to develop the process logic needed to control their process, using capabilities such as mean center and unit scale variance, baseline correction, multipoint baseline correction, auto-subtract correction, cubic spline interpolation, transmittance and absorbance.
  • Integration with Proficy Change Management — Offers systematic management of sample systems design and method development, tracking when and who made changes, to support compliance requirements.

With data collection and data analysis capabilities, Proficy RX enables a large amount of critical production data to be processed quickly and accurately. The ability to interface to third-party Multivariate Analysis (MVA) applications enables Proficy RX to be deployed in existing applications already using MVA software or as a component in a comprehensive PAT deployment.

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