Mobile Workforce and Decision Support System Includes Configurable Software and Mobile Hardware Solutions

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, announces the availability of Wonderware IntelaTrac version 3.2, the latest version of its mobile workforce and decision support system. The Wonderware IntelaTrac system includes configurable software and ruggedized mobile hardware solutions that enable workflow, procedural and general task management capabilities focused on plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance applications.

The Wonderware IntelaTrac system is designed to accelerate and sustain operational process improvements and is a key component of an effective operational management system. It can be operated using Smartphones, PDAs, rugged handheld computers, laptops and PCs to enhance the productivity of mobile workers. The system offers improved operational performance and reliability, cost-effective compliance processes for health, safety and environmental requirements and consistent execution of best business practices by a mobile workforce.

Wonderware IntelaTrac is structured around a suite of components, which include software, hardware, secure wireless infrastructure and RFID technology. Wonderware IntelaTrac version 3.2 offers simplified integration with multiple backend systems including SAP, Maximo and data historians from Wonderware, AspenTech, OSIsoft and Honeywell.

The latest product suite is designed to offer several key features important to the productivity of a mobile workforce in today's competitive business environment. The Procedure Builder tool defines and develops standard procedures which then are used to identify inspection rounds. The updated Schedule Manager provides the ability to streamline the scheduling of procedures and review the status of procedures, past or future. It also evaluates detailed statistics on each procedure instance via the same user interface. In addition, Wonderware IntelaTrac 3.2 Web Reports have been updated with the availability of new standard Procedure Completion reports. 

Wonderware IntelaTrac runs on ruggedized mobile devices and is designed for field operators. Operators are provided a list of procedures that are scheduled and filtered by area and role. An operator is then presented with a list of tasks to be addressed and completed using either a Bluetooth-connected peripheral device, such as a vibration probe or aheat gun, or a virtual keyboard, pen or other input device. Other key production features include Auditor Plus, which provides the ability for management review and approval of work completed and features special summary levels. 

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