Bi-Color LED Indicators Feature Vivid Level Lights That Provide the Longest Field-of-View Available

Jerguson introduces the LevelStar — a bi-color LED indicator for the Magnicator II line of magnetic level gages. LevelStar utilizes design and technology to deliver clear-across-the-plant visibility in both day and night conditions.

LevelStar’s bi-color LED indicators feature vivid level lights that provide the longest field-of-view available and offer a continuous service life that exceeds 80,000 hours. The LevelStar has no mechanical or moving parts and is field upgradeable to any Magnicator II.

The LevelStar is available in 120 and 240 VAC options and is FM approved for use in hazardous environments. To better meet specific plant requirements and preferences, customers can also choose standard or customized color options.  

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