Abrasion-Resistant Pump Bushing Material Protects Pumps

Graphlon GM 860 is an abrasion-resistant bushing material that that is said to protect pumps and helps prolong pump life. Developed by Graphite Metallizing Corp., it is a polymer/graphite-based material used in the manufacture of pump bushings and other critical-wear parts.

Graphlon GM 860 provides abrasion resistance in harsh environments. It has been developed specifically for sump pumps and river water service pumps where abrasives are always an issue. GM 860 also handles the limited run dry requirement of these applications.

Graphlon GM 860 was developed to replace traditional pump materials that are prone to damage from highly abrasive suspensions. Traditional pump bushings (bronzes and other plastics) do not handle run dry situations well. This new material extends the range of GraphAlloy run dry capable materials into additional applications, enabling users to increase MBTF (mean time between failures) in many pumps troubled by abrasives. The bearings are supplied machined and ready to install.