Bulk Bag Filler Fills Bags By Weight

Model C1-2  Spirofil Bulk Bag Filler is now available from Spiroflow Systems Inc. The bulk bag filler fills bags by weight and includes a load-cell-mounted weigh platform that can be NTEP approved if the contents of the filled bags are for re-sale by weight.   Filling rates of up to 20 bags per hour are possible with integral roller conveyors and other options that allow further automation of the system.  

According to Spiroflow Systems, all Spirofil Bulk Bag Fillers are designed to ensure bags are filled in a dust-free manner, without spillage and to the desired weight.  Bags are filled to be erect and upright making them stable enough for safe handling, storage and transportation.

The ‘C1-2’ Model Spirofil offers the option of automatic operation of the bag hook latches, automatic deflation of the neck seal and automatic operation of powered rollers.