Analyzer Measures the Level of Dust in Plastics Before and After Dedusting

Pelletron, in collaboration with ASTM, introduces the FineAlyzer for the measurement of fines and dust particles on plastic pellets. The Pelletron method, in accordance with the ASTM procedures, avoids any vigorous movement or friction of pellets during the fines separation process and delivers accurate, non-tampered measuring results.

The fundamental principal used by the FineAlyzer is based on the condition that the unwanted dust and fines will normally adhere to the larger pellets and will be removed by rinsing the test sample with a liquid (preferably demineralized water). This causes the fines and dust in the sample to wash away to the beaker below. These particles are then poured into the filter collection unit, separating the fines from the water. The weight of the filter paper is measured before and after the collection process, and this weight is used to calculate the PPM of the sample. The wet analysis quantifies the amounts of dust with particle sizes from 1.6 to 500 microns.

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