Connectors Bring Thermocouple Probes to Printed Circuit Boards

The PCC connector from Omega attaches directly to a circuit board and is designed for bringing thermocouple probes to printed circuit boards. The compact design of the PCC eliminates many difficulties in adapting standard thermocouple connectors for use in handheld thermometers and other devices that utilize thermocouple connectors. The PCC-OST and PCC-SMP Series are fully compatible with all Omega connectors and are designed for perfect connections every time.

Two sizes are available to mate with either standard or miniature size connectors. A mounting clip comes with each connector and the miniature can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The PCC is also available with an optional transistor retainer clip; the clip accepts TO-92 style transistors for cold junction temperature measurements at the transition from thermocouple alloy to copper wire. Custom units are designed for CE compliance.

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Omega Engineering