Gloves Provide the Dexterity and the Tactile Sensitivity That Lab Workers Need

The ChemTek 38-214T gloves from Ansell Healthcare protect workers from phenol chloroform and a variety of dangerous chemicals. The thin-mil, Viton-over-butyl gloves are comfortable and provide the dexterity and the tactile sensitivity that lab workers need.

Ansell developed ChemTek 38-214T gloves in response to a request from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) for a thin laboratory glove that could be used with phenol and chlorinated solvents.

ChemTek 38-214 gloves have a four-mil outer layer of Viton rubber over a four-mil layer of butyl rubber which provides greater than 90 minutes of chemical resistance to breakthrough for phenol chloroform and other chlorinated solvents, with excellent resistance to degradation. The butyl layer also contributes physical characteristics to make 38-214T ChemTek gloves more durable.

Ansell ChemTek 38-214 gloves have breakthrough times greater than 200 minutes for a range of chemicals, including acetic acid, benzene, ammonium hydroxide, carbon tetrachloride, dimethylacetamide, methylene chloride and sulfuric acid. The gloves, which are 12 inches long, are offered in sizes 5.6, 7, 8 and 9.

Product Type:
Personnel protective equipment