Industrial Pump Features a Kalrez Perfluoroelastomer Diaphragm

ITT-Flojet has introduced the G57C, an air operated, industrial pump with a Kalrez perfluoroelastomer diaphragm from DuPont Performance Elastomers. This Flojet industrial pump provides chemical resistance in applications such as chemical transfer, parts washers, ink transfers and car wash systems. The check valves incorporate O-rings made from Viton Extreme fluoroelastomer. The Model G57C Pump can supply up to 5.0GPM, and the high air inlet pressure capability delivers fluid at the needed flow and pressure. Kalrez parts belong to a class of rubbers called "perfluoroelastomers", meaning that all bond sites on the elastomer backbone and side chains have a fluorine atom bonded to it. This lends the chemical resistance of Teflon to the rubbery-like material.
Fluid handling
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