Safety Switch Provides Overfill, Spill Protection For Bulk Storage Tanks

Ametek Drexelbrook, a level measurement technology provider, has introduced the Safety IntelliPoint RF Switch, the first RF Admittance device with SIL certification, according to the company. The safety switch was developed specifically for above ground bulk storage facilities, such as tank farms, to meet the American Petroleum Institute’s 2350 Recommended Practice (RP) for overfill and spill protection.

The safety switch is derived from Drexelbrook’s IntelliPoint Series of RF Admittance point level switches, which  don’t require users to calibrate or adjust set points.  The IntelliPoint’s software continuously monitors the application for changes in composition, dielectric or conductivity and maintains a repeatable trip point on the probe.

The safety switch is available with a variety of sensing elements, including one for floating roof tanks with cable and brass bottom weights, as well as elements for corrosive liquids, sanitary service, agitated tanks or granular media. The safety switch is FM, CSA and ATEX approved for use in all hazardous areas.  It has an independently tested mean time to failure (MTTF) of 110 years.          
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Ametek Drexelbrook