Purified Water Sanitation System Generates Ozone and Dissolves It into Water

MKS Instruments, Inc. has introduced the Liquozon Ultra, a clean, safe and efficient water sanitization alternative to chemical water treatment systems. The Liquozon Ultra automated ozone injection system for DI water loops, storage tanks and distribution lines will be showcased at INTERPHEX 2009. It generates ozone, dissolves it into water and delivers degassed ozone-enriched water, providing a cost-effective substitute to chlorine and heat.

Liquozon Ultra is a compact, skid-mounted purified water system for UPW and UHPW. It is capable of handling flows up to 50 GPM with minimum pressure drop. The system is equipped with flow rate and Ozone concentration controllers, ozone safety monitors, a control panel with a recorder to monitor quality and an optional TOC meter. Safety features include alarm signals for high/low concentration, temperature of the ozone gas thermal destruct unit and ozone leakage.

The Liquozon Ultra generates ozone using Silent Discharge. It injects the ozone into DI water, degasses the ozone-enriched water and delivers it to the storage tank and delivery loop. UV light is used to photo-dissociate ozone, reducing it back to oxygen. 

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