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Emerson Process Management introduces the Model 2400S transmitter with next generation MVD technology, the first integral transmitter for the Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis meter.  The new Model 2400S expands ELITE meter installation options to include integral mounting or remote mounting in the field, or control room mounting in a DIN rail, panel or rack format. This architectural flexibility enables the widest range of Coriolis process control applications available.

Previously, the Micro Motion ELITE flowmeter was available only with a remote-mounted transmitter.  The new integral 2400S transmitter enables users to take advantage of the superior performance of ELITE meters in their process applications that require a small, compact transmitter able to fit in tight or awkward spaces. 

Because it mounts integrally on Micro Motion ELITE sensors, the Model 2400S transmitter is easily installed and commissioned, with an optional display showing process variables and diagnostics at a glance.

Next generation Coriolis technology offered in the new Micro Motion ELITE meter is also available with Micro Motion Series 1000, 2000, and 3000 transmitters.  All with the new and patented Micro Motion MVD technology, these transmitters simplify wiring and reduce wiring cost over other remote transmitters because four- (not nine-) wire cable is all that is needed between the transmitter and sensor.  In some instances, existing wiring can be used, reducing installation labor costs. Even if new wiring is needed, the difference in cost between proprietary 9-conductor cables and common 4-conductor cable can be hundreds, or even thousands of dollars depending upon the length of the wiring run.  

Enabling Micro Motion Coriolis meters to be used in virtually any process environment, the architecture flexibility is supported by the following transmitters:

  • Micro Motion 2400S Transmitter with MVD technology:  Small and integral to Micro Motion ELITE sensors, with C1D2 or Zone 2 approvals, this transmitter is ideal for easy installation in areas where a compact device is required.
  • Micro Motion 1500 / 2500 Transmitters with MVD technology: Small, DIN rail mounted transmitters that are ideal for OEM's and skid builders, or anywhere space is at a premium and quick easy transmitter access or lower installation costs are desired.
  • Micro Motion 1700 / 2700 Transmitters with MVD technology: These remote transmitters, with C1D1 and Zone 1 approvals, enable use in the most severe environments.
  • Micro Motion 3000 Transmitter with MVD technology: When precision is needed in combination with for applications such as custody transfer, batching, and enhanced density, users rely on the Micro Motion 3000 transmitters, in either panel, rack or field-mount versions, to ensure optimal performance.  The 3000 series includes expandable capabilities to combine higher-level functions in the same package with the transmitter.

The next-generation Coriolis technology, powered by new MVD digital processing technology, provides users with performance not available elsewhere, in-line meter verification, entrained gas flow measurement improvements, and stability regardless of changing environmental conditions.

The new Micro Motion ELITE flowmeter with scalable transmitter architecture is part of Emerson's broad range of intelligent, digital field devices that power the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture. Further cost savings, increased plant availability, and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are achieved when these flowmeters are integrated into the PlantWeb® architecture.

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