Kistler Morse

Kistler Morse (KM) introduces its newest load cell, the Load Disc 3 (LD3).  The LD3 utilizes the proven KM semiconductor strain gage technology to continuously measure the weight of material for in-process and bulk storage vessels with an accuracy of 0.08 percent.

Its weight capacities range from 1,000 to 25,000 pounds, and best of all, they're priced the same, as they're also dimensionally identical.

Engineered to handle forces that directly contribute to overall system error, the LD3 can take forces from all sides and still work reliably due to its multiple sensor gage design.  Its monolithic design eliminates the need for restraints or stay rods and provides options for seismic applications.

Made of 17 4 hermetically sealed stainless steel, the LD3 is ideal for steam in place and washdown environments, so minimal process downtime is further reassured. 

The LD3's sophisticated engineering allows for quicker installation and retrofitting   only 15 minutes compared with the hours normally required   and doesn't require the traditional trimming exercises of other types of load cells.

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Kistler Morse