Adalet Wireless

Adalet Wireless now offers an enclosure system designed to house WLAN access points, routers and bridges to extend 802.11b/g network coverage into hazardous locations.   The AW-XAP consists of two Adalet Wireless AW-CTB-2400 Division 1 antennas mounted atop an Adalet explosionproof enclosure allowing users to use a WLAN access point in a Class I, Division 1 area.  A second version utilizing the Adalet Wireless glass radome allows for the mounting of stock whip antennas within the protection of the rugged domed glass design.  The enclosure system carries third party approvals from UL and also carries the ATEX certification when specified.

This major innovation by Adalet Wireless will enable many new, creative applications in Class I, Division 1 and industrial locations.  Activities such as data collecting, sensor monitoring, and process control, previously unthinkable because of constraints with hard wiring, are now possible with the Adalet Wireless link.  The process control engineer can now implement solutions never before available.

Adalet Wireless systems are an innovative, cost cutting solution for transmitting data signals in industrial areas.  This unique solution by Adalet makes it possible to collect real time data and realize measurable cost savings.  With this system it is now possible to avoid costly cable and conduit runs, lower labor and material installation costs, and monitor devices where cabling isn't an option

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