NLB Corp. has introduced two ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jet accessories that improve performance and can be repaired in the field in under five minutes.  The Viper 40™, the first self-rotating head to operate at pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar), easily attaches to a standard NLB NCG40-286 lance.  This new lance is simpler than air-driven UHP lances and eliminates the expense of an air source.

The Viper 40™ has a round stainless steel body with recessed nozzle inserts, to reduce damage from nozzle strikes.  Its combination of rotating UHP action and a wide spray path make it exceptionally effective in a wide range of product removal applications.  Unlike previous SPIN-NOZZLE® heads, which must be returned to the factory for repairs, the Viper 40™ can be repaired in the field in less than five minutes.

The NCG40-286 lance is also field-repairable, thanks to a unique quick-change cartridge seal that can be replaced in just 60 seconds.  This lightweight lance features a patented trigger design (Patent No. 5,636,789) that allows the operator to dump pressure instantly.  Other operator-friendly features include easy trigger actuation and adjustable shoulder stock and hand grip.

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