A fully portable, conveyorized hot air station that can be custom configured to dry and cure products using various blowers, nozzles, and accessories has been introduced by Malcom Hot Air Systems of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Malcom's Portable Hot Air Station is a fully portable, conveyorized unit that can be custom configured with Leister Hotwind-S air blowers ranging from 2,000 to 5,400 Watts that reach up to 1,472°F with air flows to 38 CFM, depending upon model.  Featuring a Dorner® variable speed conveyor with a rugged anodized aluminum frame and locking casters, this hot air station can be equipped with a variety of nozzles, brackets, guides, and rails.

Easy to customize for a wide range of drying and curing applications, Malcom's Portable Hot Air Station can incorporate one or more heat guns which can be mounted up to 18” over the conveyor and can be supplied with various nozzles and brackets to reach the top and both sides of a product simultaneously.  This self-contained unit is 3 ft. L x 4” W and can operate at speeds up to 49 FPM.  It can also be used for shrink packaging.

Malcom's Portable Hot Air Station is priced from $3,995.00 up, depending upon configuration.  Literature and pricing are available upon request.

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