The AB PLUS automatic balance system from MOCON, Inc. is a  new system for weighing capsules, tablets and small parts automatically without the need for an operator.

The AB PLUS offers outstanding throughput speed  with precise repeatability.  This makes compliance with stringent government and in-house weight variance controls  easier to achieve.

This instrument is ideal for clinical batch and  initial press start-up sorting.  The AB PLUS can be used with any Windows 2000- or XP-compatible computer and the  statistics are suitable for record keeping or Good Manufacturing Practices purposes.

The unit enables testing of larger quantities in  less time. Because it can weigh and sort tablets or capsules at high speeds, hand weighing and data collection is a  thing of the past. The AB PLUS'  gentle air sweep can even accommodate dusty products.

Statistical report capability includes:  histograms, all individual weights, mean, standard deviation, relative standard  deviation and sort totals.

AB PLUS' modular design allows the user to start  with a master and add up to nine satellite-sorting stations. With the available sorter option and extra-large input hopper, it is even possible to run the AB  PLUS overnight. The added throughput gives facilities the ability to sort entire product batches.  (Speeds range from 45 per minute for up  unit, up to 450 per minute for one master plus nine satellites.)

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