National Bulk Equipment

NBE's new bulk bag discharger module eliminates dust and foreign material contamination while providing complete material discharge.

The E3 engages the bulk bag discharge spout with a manually operated compression clamp to seal out foreign material from entering and contaminating the down stream process.  This results in only the material within the bag being discharged into the receiving hopper.  The E3 also eliminates dust escaping into the plant atmosphere during the discharge cycle by extracting the dust laden displaced air from the receiving hopper to a dust collector.   To assure complete product discharge from the bulk bag, the E3 elongates the discharge spout of the bag and maintains it in an open, steep, cylindrical position to promote maximum product flow.  When combined with the patented NBE loop retractor style hanger bar, the bag is stretched more than 18-inches to assure complete material discharge of  non-free flowing materials. 

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