Watlow Electric

Watlow's new Rapid Response Heat Exchanger heats gases and fluids as they circulate through the unit's tubular design.   It offers users a quick response rate in high-pressure conditions, making it ideal for precision applications.  In addition, the exchanger's design enhances circulation and provides excellent convective film coefficients, even  under low flow conditions.

 The Rapid Response Heat Exchanger can be custom-configured - allowing it to fit into small areas without sacrificing wattage.  It also boasts integral temperature sensing to help users optimize their systems and refine processes. 

 Watlow's new heat exchanger is also designed to be energy efficient.  Since the entire heater is immersed in the circulated chemistry, it virtually eliminates heat loss to  the surrounding environment.  In some applications, heat loss can be reduced further through the use of molded  insulation surrounding the heating element.

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