Rohrback Cosasco

Rohrback Cosasco Systems has introduced the Model E-9020 Corrater® Digital Transmitter for monitoring corrosion rate and pitting tendency in water systems.  The rugged construction of the UL/CSA/ATEX certified explosion-proof transmitter makes it ideal for operation in electrically hazardous area field locations.  The Model E-9020 operates on a multi-drop 4-wire power and communication bus on cable lengths up to 4000 ft (1200 metres) for economic installation.  The E-9020 Transmitter, with its advanced solution resistance compensation, is the latest addition to the Corrater line of products and produces the highest accuracy and the widest range of operation of any of the Corrater instruments.  Software is available for direct PC connection, or a Power/ Modbus interface module for direct connection to a DCS, SCADA or PLC.  Alternate operational modes include galvanic measurements, dissolved gas monitor for low levels of oxygen, potential monitoring, and potential and current noise measurements.
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