IEDCO, Industrial Equipment & Design Company, has a simple, safe, hygienic and economical system to replace the widespread manual method of charging powders to reactors and mix tanks. No more lifting, carrying and dumping of bags or buckets.

The IEDCO Volkmann Vacuum Conveying System eliminates all of the containment, safety and ergonomic issues previously associated with manually scooping powders from a drum, climbing a ladder and dumping powder through a man-way or a small charge port of a tank or reactor.

The IEDCO Volkmann Vacuum Conveying System simply clamps to a sanitary ferrule on the mix tank. It is completely pneumatic and therefore inherently safe. All you have to do is plug it into a ½” compressed air line and you are ready to go.

The Volkmann Vacuum Conveyor is compact, easily handled and easily cleaned. Powder is vacuum transferred from a drum, or other container, through a sanitary vacuum feed nozzle, and discharged into the tank through the sanitary butterfly valve on the conveyor. Download the Volkmann Brochure.
There are virtually no moving parts in the system so reliability is high and maintenance is low. A mirror finish and a diverging conveyor body design assure that powder transfer is complete, with no product hangup.
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