Madison Company has added the U3M Ultrasonic "Mini Probe" to its full range of ultrasonic level sensors. The U3M has a compact design that extends just over 2" in height above the tank or drum surface and has an operating range of 4" to 6' (0.10m to 1.8m).

As with all of Madison's standard ultrasonic models, the U3M has a PVC housing that allows for an operating temperature range of –40 degrees C to 60 degrees C (-40 degrees F to 140 degrees F). This range can be increased to as high as 125 degrees C (257 degrees F) with an optional CPVC or Kynar housing.

The U3M's microprocessor-based circuits provide a temperature-compensated signal for improved accuracy and the ability to filter false echoes produced by peripheral obstructions. On-board push
buttons allow for calibration without the need for software and computers. Optional RS485 communications are available for computer interfacing and for networking up to 128 sensors. Also available, relay models for each sensor location that will provide for alarm and on/off control ability.

The low-profile "Mini Probe" has a self-cleaning sensor face and will automatically adjust power and sensitivity to any environment. It can be used in a variety of liquids, including foods, beverages, chemicals, oils, water, as well as slurries and some solids.

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