L. B. Bohle has introduced a new line of Fluid Bed Processors.

Designed to enhance the company's current line of granulation and drying equipment, the new Bohle BFS fills the need for a reliable high performance fluid bed system.

Of particular note is the units patent-pending filter system that uses a unique blow back technology to clean the entire filter surface over its full length. This eliminates clogging and subsequent product defects.

Available in capacities ranging from 5 to 480 kg, the BFS features an optional online PAT moisture detection system utilizing NIR technology for precise moisture determination during granulation and drying. The combination of robust equipment design, reliable analytical instrumentation and easy-to-use software ensures 100% accurate and verifiable results.

An onboard computer system effectively controls all relevant process parameters and provides complete data documentation.  Additional options, including WIP and CIP cleaning systems, are also available.

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