TMI Orion

The new PicoVACQ PT measures and records temperature and pressure up to 300 F and 300 psi. The sampling rate can be set up to 4 acquisitions/second.  Due to its very small size (1.4 in height, 0.6 in diameter) it can be placed in any type of processes, packaging, or storage room.  It assists in achieving maximum quality control, and is fast and easy to use.
TMI-Orion's data loggers can be used to check temperature, pressure, humidity and many other physical parameters.  Installed inside industrial processes, they can record data in memory or transmit it by radio.  They are capable of withstanding temperatures from - 80°C (-112F) to + 150 °C (+300F) and pressures in excess of 100 bar (1450 psi). Equipped with thermal shields specially designed for the application, they can withstand temperatures of more than 1000°C (1830F).  Their biocompatible material, tightness, measuring accuracy and the sophistication make TMI Orion products the most efficient recorders on the market.  
Working with data processing software, these transmitter-recorders are by far the most accurate on the market, with precision better than 0.1°C in temperature and 5 mbar in pressure measurements, traceable to national standards. 
The TMI data loggers meet the requirements of most agrifood, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical, ceramics and many other industrial applications.  They can be used to control temperature, pressure and humidity in packaging and bottles, and display the various process parameters in real-time.  The data loggers also measure packaging deformation and can validate sterilization and disinfection processes. They anticipate and identify dysfunctions in any industrial process, even in the most severe environments. 
TMI data loggers are the ideal equipment for getting an accurate and reliable view of all thermal processes conditions for Quality Control/Quality Assurance, monitoring equipment, qualification, determination and optimization of a process' parameters. 
For custom applications, TMI-Orion can develop equipment on request within the context of an industrial partnership.
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