Thermal Instrument Company

The Thermal Instrument Company 600-9 Flow Switch builds on more than 40 years of providing precision mass flow measurements of liquids, gasses, slurries, and powdered solids to industry and research. The 600-9FS provides a true mass flow switch in an unobstructed straight through flow path.

The technology used in the 600-9FS is the direct relationship between the mass flow rate and the thermal transfer from the pipe wall to the fluid. There are no hot probes inserted into the fluid as is required with thermal dispersion technique. There are two sensors used; one is used to measure the temperature of the fluid for temperature compensation while the other sensor is heated a few degrees above the fluid temperature. Typical applications use 0.5 to 1.5 watts to achieve a wall temperature difference of approximately five to ten degrees. The power required to maintain the constant temperature is proportional to the mass flow rate and is determined in calibration.

  • Dual alarm levels
  • Calibration chart provided for each meter
  • SPDT 5 amp relays
  • Field adjustable
  • Special materials of construction available
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