Petrolab Company is pleased to announce an entirely new viscometer for measuring kinematic viscosity of fuels and oils. The Grabner MINIVIS 445 is an automatic, portable Micro-Viscometer for determination of viscosity of all kinds of fuels, oils and other liquids in the laboratory or in the field with excellent correlation to standard ASTM D445 capillary viscometers. The instrument is fully automated, fast, portable, rugged and easy to operate. It offers a combined measurement of the kinematic and dynamic viscosity as well as of the density of liquids.

  • Automatic Sample Introduction
  • Sample Size 5 mL, Results within Minutes!
  • Measuring Range: 0.3 - 1500 mPas
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 100°C (No External Cooling)
  • Correlation To ASTM D445 Capillary Viscometer Methods
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