BYK-Gardner USA

BYK-Gardner USA, the  exclusive US distributor for VMA-Getzmann dispermats, introduces the CDS dispersion system,  designed for dissolving small quantities of product (100 ml up to 1,500 ml) under vacuum.  The CDS system operates under vacuum with single-walled containers of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 ml, which are placed and secured in a corresponding holding device. If any heat generated during the dissolving process needs to be removed, double-walled, coolable containers are also available.

After the unit mixes the liquid and solid components together, the glass cover is moved down onto the top of the container and the dissolving process begins. Simultaneously, the vacuum pump is switched on.  The height of the dissolver shaft and dispersion impeller can easily be adjusted while dissolving under vacuum. The dissolving process and product flow can also be observed through the large clear glass cover.

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