Gensym Corp.

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Gensym Corp. introduces G2 version 8.0 for real-time automation of critical operational decisions within manufacturing, government, utilities, telecommunications and aerospace. G2’s capabilities include real-time reasoning technology: the software’s rules, procedures and object models all work in real time to enable rapid execution of operational decisions and actions. G2’s reasoning-engine logic, objects, data structures and UI readily integrate with operational systems and embed within third-party applications through support of standards, including ActiveX/COM, .NET, Java RMI, SQL, ODBC, OPC, XML, HTTP and others. Next-generation G2 fully supports Microsoft’s .COM and .NET technology.

Company Information

  • 52 Second Ave.
  • Burlington, Mass. 01803 (see map)
  • Phone: 781.265.7100
  • Fax: 781.265.7101
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