Taylor Chemical Co.

Taylor Chemical has introduced a series of lower-actives antifoams to address a variety of process applications covering broad pH, temperature and dynamic conditions.  New products include TDA-3210, TA-210HV, TA-3200ES and TA-5022. These antifoams are used in numerous industrial and food grade applications for foam control.

The company manufactures a full line of silcone antifoams ranging from 5% to 100% active, in water-based and non-aqueous forms. Product selection is made on the basis of foaming medium, pH and temperature of the system, and requirements for quick knock-down and/or durability.

The company also offers "Custom Silicones Solutions," where they can apply their technical expertise toward solving problems involving silicone emulsions or defoamers.  To discuss your particular challenge, please contact the technical department at Taylor. 


Founded in 1980, Taylor Chemical was acquired in 1998 by the Amber Chemical Group headquartered in the United Kingdom.  Taylor recently achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification via BSI, Inc.  Amber manufactures a variety of silicone compounds worldwide, including: elastomers, sealants, greases, emulsions and antifoams.


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